I will design a custom Chinese character tattoo



Are you looking for a stylish Chinese character tattoo? One that is not to be found in a tattoo template book but that is custom made for you and carries any meaning that you want it to have? And finally, do you want it directly from a Chinese native speaker who is perfectly fluent in English as well to be on the safe side when it comes to the meaning of your tattoo?


If you answered all these questions with yes, then you have found your perfect fiverr gig! Congrats!


My name is Eliza, I am a Chinese native speaker located in Taiwan and I would love to design that perfect tattoo for you.


The basic gig includes 3 Traditional Chinese characters. Each additional character is one extra gig. Contact me before, and I will let you know how many characters your job will need!

Also, please look into the gig gallery and choose one of the three styles A, B or C! Looking forward to work with you!


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